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Cn is unlike any other digital consultant. From the moment he takes on a client they feel instantly at ease and know they will never have to worry about digital again. Although thoroughly aware of modern digital trends, he has old fashioned values, believing in great customer service and reputation. If you want to put him to the test with an initial question then please make contact.

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Working with Cn is a true pleasure. The professionalism, design, work ethic and overall quickness is incredible. I strongly recommend Cn for any website development or maintenance needs. You will not find anyone as fair, honest and reliable.

Connie Beaulieu

Why Cn?

Cn (AKA Christian Jacques Bennett) is a goal driven consultant for VIPs. His mission is to get the results he says he will and then blow your mind by delivering even more. Words can seem cheap and the only way you will get to see just how good he is, will be to make contact and become a VIP client.

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Cn specializes in the Google Sites 

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